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New York DMV – Penalties and Punishments for 1st Offense of DWI and DUI Laws

AutoInsuranceInNewYorkQuotesCar insurance is the hot topic for the people having motor vehicles in the state of New York. According to the New York DMV, the data is provided including the number of accidents in the state due to DWI/ DUI. For the avoidance of such incidents, the laws are being made and followed strictly. In this article, we will discuss the DUI laws applied for first offenses.

A first time DUI may be considered as misdemeanor or felony depending on what the law states. This may include mix penalties including jail time, fine and some educational training, and treatment programs. The offenders with the felony of first DUI get punishment, which may include the jail sentence, and administrative penalties resulting in seize of driving license. New York State has comprehensive charges for the offenders.

Why are the penalties for drinking and driving so severe? The answer is that because the impact of impaired drivers on innocent people is so catastrophic.

The NY Department of Motor Vehicles issues these facts:

•             One third of the fatalities involve impaired drivers who either are intoxicated or have an excessive amount of alcohol in their blood.

•             With the increase in blood alcohol, the chances of crash also increase. The drunk drivers are four times more likely have the crash as compared to non-drinking drivers if they have 0.08% BAC. As this percentage of BAC increases so are the chances of crash and accident increases.

•             Young drivers are three times more likely to have the crash as compared to experienced when intoxicated.

Below are the penalties applied to the first time DUI offenders. Every case is consulted with legal counsel in order to decide the level of penalties to incur. The offenders must be summarized on his rights and what options he can avail in order to reduce his penalties.

Administrative Penalties

•             License of the DUI driver is being suspended for 90 days.

•             Refusal to submit the license can result in suspension for one year.

•             License reinstatement requires the reinstatement fees, accomplishing the drug treatment program, and the installation of ignition interlock expedient, if applicable.

Criminal Penalties

•             The DUI drivers who are charged with first offense DUI are not sentenced to jail, unless the legal counsel has decided so depending on the type and nature of accident.

•             All convictions of DUI, whether the first offense or the other, demands the usage of ignition interlock expedient

•             5 year ultimatum period is set for the convictions of first offence in addition of subsequent charges.

Punishment if Passenger under 16 in Vehicle

•             Class “E” Felony

•             Fine Up to $5,000 and / or,

•             Jail – Up to 4 Years

Legal Assistance:

The offenders can get legal help in order to reduce the charges. The legal advises can be given by his attorney. Further information regarding pleading and submission for application is advised by the attorney.

The laws are established by New York DMV to bind the drivers and to limit their doings so as not to terrorize the other commoners. To get the insurance quote from different insurance companies, insert your ZIP code in the bar at the top of the window, and get free quotes.