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An Overview of Auto Insurance in New York for Uninsured Motorist

CarInsuranceInNewYorkNYFor people residing in New York State, it is necessary to have an auto insurance policy when driving any motor vehicle. No one is safe from damages and accidents. To protect yourself from the damages, you have to buy auto insurance policy for your vehicle. By surfing the internet and getting the rightful information about your policies, you will know the particular options of getting discounts on your policies. This saves you from the damage that you do by yourself and the ones done by uninsured motorists. Uninsured motorist operate their vehicles without any insurance policy approved by New York DMV and they can prove to be a threat for people having insurance.

You Can Buy Special Coverage

In most of the states it is a law to provide people with uninsured motorist coverage. These add on helps you to compensate the loss or damage done by some other person. The insurance company will provide you with coverage if the accident has occurred due to the other driver who has little or no insurance. This policy usually apply to the passengers and pedestrians who are not directly associated with the accident. It covers anyone who is injured or affected by the vehicle driven by uninsured motorist.

Coverage May Be Limited

Liability coverage is usually less than the amount uninsured motorist coverage. The insurance companies do not issue amount greater than UIM coverage. Liability coverage is actually the amount that insurance company will pay to the other driver, in case you have been the cause of accident. Coverage is limited and depends on the amount of liability coverage.

Other Restrictions May Apply

There are some restrictions on the coverage policy in many states. Insurance company offer limited amount of UIM coverage. It is mostly $30,000 so you can buy insurance worth it. Some company’s offers additional coverage but that increase the premium too and it cannot exceed your liability coverage limit.

Coverage Might Overlap

Coverage policy might overlap too. For example if you UIM coverage is worth $30,000 and the coverage policy of other driver is $15,000. In such case you will receive total compensation of $30,000. For UIM coverage, insurance is not stackable but if it’s related to liability coverage, the amount of both parties can stack and return greater amount. If you do not have insurance and you are the cause of the accident, you can compensate the damage worth the UIM coverage only. And if you don’t have UIM your loss won’t be compensated.

An Insurance Lawyer Can Help

The New York DMV laws involving uninsured motorists is complicated but insurance company lawyers can help. It depends on the facts and figures of the accident. The compensation and coverage is decided once the facts are studies. Legal help is needed in most of the cases and for such situations insurance company have their lawyers.

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