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FAQ’s Concerning Auto Insurance in New York Liability Insurance Requirements

Below are discussed few of the frequently asked questions about the auto insurance in New York.

Q.           What are included under the requirements heading for the liability insurance of motor vehicles in NY?

•             New York is a no fault state. Vehicle must be registered and should have liability coverage. The minimum level of insurance coverage should remain as follows: for injury $25,000 – $50,000, for death $50,000 – $100,000, and for property disturbance due to any accident $10,000. This coverage of liability should remain activated until the valid registration of the motor vehicle, even if the motor vehicle will not be in use.

•             The liability coverage must be provided by the insurance company that is authorized for business in New York State and has the license provided by Dept. of Financial Services NYS. Out of state insurance is unacceptable by state. It is not considered valid. A vehicle must have NY insurance coverage if it is registered in NY.

•             The car insurance liability coverage must be issued on the name of person who has registered the vehicle. In addition, should remain on his name all the time. A change can cause problems leading to the suspension of registration, driving license and liability coverage. If a person decides to change the name, this can cause a delay in the coverage leading to misunderstanding and misconceptions.

•             The person must possess a NY insurance identification card while applying for vehicle registration. The insurance identification cards are issued by the insurance company or brokers/agents. They should have the same name as that on registration application, or else it can cause problems in getting the vehicle registered.

•             The insurance company must file an electronic notification to DMV regarding the insurance coverage. DMV will verify the notification. For verification your insurance ID card and electronic notice is required.

•             The Insurance ID card should be provided within the 45 days of insurance coverage effective date. One card is kept by DMV, and the other one is returned to you. You have to carry it all the time.

•             The DMV does not approve out of state documents of auto insurance.

Q.           Do I have to change the out of state insurance if I plan to move out to some other state when my vehicle has NYS registration?

A.            All motor vehicles that are registered under NY should have the liability coverage. A lapse would occur if you get NY coverage register at any other state. Validation becomes difficult of replacements like these. In such case, the New York DMV will suspend your registration and driving license. The action can result in affecting your ability of holding valid license for driving in your now residing state. In case you want to register your vehicle in other state, surrender your driving plates to NY wither personally or by mail.

Q.           What would be the consequences if I quit the liability insurance?

A.            It is the duty of your insurance company to notify DMV for your liability coverage insurance and its expiry. In case you have changed the company or have cancelled your insurance, your previous company has to send a notification to DMV informing them that you are no longer associated with them. If your company does not properly notify DMV, your vehicle registration will be suspended and license can be suspended. The notification must be electronic, paper proof are unaccepted. If you do not have the insurance, then you should surrender the vehicle plates to the DMV NY immediately.

Q.           What are the few conditions that could create lapse in the coverage?

A.            A vehicle that is registered and uninsured can cause lapse in your liability insurance coverage. This can result in the suspension of your registration. A lapse in insurance coverage can occur between the following dates:

•             Date of cancelling insurance and date of new insurance.

•             License surrendering date and insurance cancellation date.

•             Insurance cancellation date and expiry date of registration.

•             Date when the insurance was cancelled and the date insurance company restored the insurance coverage.

•             Date when your vehicle was registered and the effective date when you got updated insurance coverage.

If the lapse in the insurance coverage surpasses 90 days, then your license will be suspended.

Q.           What can I do in case the vehicle be stolen, repossessed, sold, or impounded?

A.            The Customer Service of DMV has the knowledge of different scenarios that could happen with the vehicle and its consequences. If your vehicle is stolen, repossessed, sold, or impounded, call the customer service and they have the knowledge to provide you with the relative information.

Q.           What action would DMV follow, if I failed to show them my insurance and failed to surrender my motor vehicle plates?

A.            If you do not have an insurance coverage for your vehicle and do not surrender your vehicle plates, DMV will suspend your driving license and vehicle registration. If you do not surrender vehicle plates and you have delay in your insurance coverage, the authority will suspend your registration for some days. To reinstate your driving license and registration, you will have to pay the charges and work with the insurance policy. Termination fee for the suspension is $50.

Q.           How should I prevent the suspension in case the liability insurance lapses?

A.            You can prevent the suspension of your registration and the license in case you submit the vehicle plates to DMV before the lapses of liability insurance. Vehicle plates are surrendered in case you have not paid the civil penalty. Total civil penalty cost up to $840. The civil penalties as followed are the particular amounts of suspensions that were set in October 2005.

•             per day 8$ for first 30 days of the lapse,

•             per day 10$ for next 30 days, and

•             per day 12$  for next 30 days

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New York DMV Tips for Securing the Coverage of Your Auto Insurance in NY

Some frequently asked questions about the auto insurance in New York are discussed below. Mainly the questions are being answered according to the data provided by the New York DMV.

Q.           What if I a receive letter from DMV stating that my auto insurance has failed?

Getting a letter from the NY Department of Motor Vehicle means that you have to renew or purchase car insurance. Read the letter carefully and answer immediately. DMV issues a letter to any person when their insurance company has sent them a notification that insurance coverage has ended and the person has not renewed it, neither does the DMV is notified from some other company. Read the material that is sent along the letter and follow the instruction carefully. In such case, if some problem arises, do not assume that your insurance company will help you because they are not liable to do so. Contact the company in case the problem is misguidedly handled.

Q.           What if I a receive letter from DMV stating that my auto insurance company failed to verify the coverage?

A.            This means that your insurance company has not registered your coverage with DMV by electronic means. In this case, contact your company and ask for filing up for the coverage. If DMV does not receive proper notifications about your coverage, it may suspend your registration, coverage as well as your driving license. Whenever you get any letter from DMV, take action immediately and carefully.

Q.           Why did I receive a suspension because of the invalid insurance proof?

A.            This happens when your auto insurance company reports that the proof of insurance given to DMV is invalid and in addition, you do not possess the liability coverage. If you have the coverage, contact your company and ask for filing up for a notification, electronically, to DMV. Email or paper proof is not acceptable by DMV. The agent or broker cannot file the notification, only the company can. If different company provides you with the insurance of your vehicle, then provide DMV with your insurance ID card and in addition ask your insurance company for filing up the electronic application for your coverage with DMV.

Q.           What would be the scenario if I failed in following these steps?

A.            It is recommended by the law and the insurance company not to drive an uninsured vehicle. It can result in fine, arrest, suspension of driving license or even in impoundment of vehicle. With every passing time, the charges will get bigger unless and until you pay off all the fines and register your car with the insurance company.

Q.           What is the right way of avoiding the registration suspension?

A.            This can be avoided by insuring your car as soon as possible and paying off all the fines. If your car insurance coverage lapse in almost 90 days, you might get a choice of paying the civil penalty rather than turning your license plate to DMV.

Above are the few queries about the auto insurance policies set by the New York DMV. If you want to get a free quote, then enter your ZIP at the top bar on the web page and enjoy the results.

New York DMV Answers Commonly Asked Questions about Auto Liability Insurance

AutoInsuranceInNewYorkCompaniesCar insurance in New York is not quite a simple activity. Many clauses of the insurance laws set by New York DMV with the assistance of court result in the rising of queries about different scenarios. Below is the discussion about some of the queries about car insurance in New York State.

Q.           Why do I need liability insurance for my car, truck, or motorcycle?

A.            The State of New York law states that any car registered within the state, driven on road or highway by you or someone else must have insurance. Vehicles registered in some other part outside the State of New York and are operated in New York must confirm with the financial responsibility law of New York. The insurance is necessary because it protects you and others from accidents and compensate in case of damage and loss.

•             The motor vehicle has to be insured whether it is for storage or for driving, unless the vehicle is a motorcycle.

•             Your vehicle’s registration and insurance must be under exact name & address. Also, carry your ID card with you when you drive your vehicle.

•             The auto insurance coverage must be received from the insurance company that has the license by Dept. of Financial Services NYS.

At the time when you become successful in insuring your vehicle, do not forget to ask your company to file an electronic application for your coverage with New York DMV. You will be given an insurance ID card by your insurance company to get your vehicle registered with DMV. Your insurance ID card does not give the proof of your coverage. Both the paper and electronic proves are required by the state law.

Q.           What happens if my vehicle does not have liability coverage?

A.            It is the duty of your insurance company to notify DMV for your liability coverage insurance and its expiry. In case you have changed the company, your previous company has to send a notification to DMV informing them that you are no longer associated with them. If your company does not properly notify DMV, your vehicle registration will be suspended and license can be suspended too. The notification must be electronic, while paper proof is unaccepted.

Q.           How would driving without insurance affect my driver’s license?

A.            Driving without car insurance is strictly unacceptable according to the state law. This can result in suspension or revoking of your vehicle and driving license for at least a year. Apart from revoking of vehicle, DMV can also fine $1,500 for driving with no insurance liability coverage. You will have to respond DMV with additional $750 for civil penalty in order to have your license after revocation.

Q.           How do I avoid the particular problem?

A.            By buying car insurance for your vehicle, you can get rid of problems. Remember that if your vehicle is not insured the DMV will take in your plates and that means you cannot drive your car. Get a valid auto insurance coverage and make sure that DMV has your updated address, so in case of issues or problems, you could be immediately located and contacted. Motorcycle plates do not have to be capitulated to DMV in case of the liability insurance failure. However, it is not legal to ride a motorcycle without suitable liability insurance.

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Searching for New York Auto Insurance with The Ideal Coverage

New York is the 3rd most populous among the 50 states of the United States of America. With a population that counts up to 8.1 million, New York holds 40% USA’s total population. Being a citizen of New York, it’s essential to comply with buying liability plans for coverage of your car. This is for anytime you might be involved with an accident; the cost of damages will be refunded to you including your own injury and property damage. I you own a car then it’s always better to carry New York Insurance coverage with you.

If there is any planning for purchase of coverage for liability at a minimum level, it can easily be done by buying from any legally authorized insurance company. If you disagree with this, you can always look for better and more efficient plans your precious vehicle’s coverage. Always ensure that you seek proper information and know any local agents that can conduct their business affairs only within city limits.

You might get confused at first on how to find trustworthy company for your own auto insurance. It will surely need time and energy of doing a research on the internet for legally authorized insurers. But then, online searching can lead to easier comparisons of the features and rates of different auto insurance quotes in New York. Insurance policy is obtainable with ease as long as the rules and regulations in New York DMV are met dutifully.

Certain minimum coverage limits are given as follows:

It includes a sum of $50-100,000 in extreme cases of death or medical injuries. This can drop down to $25,000 for injury caused to one person. Also, an amount crossing $10,000 can be expected in case of any property damage. If the state is in a no fault zone and if a consumer possesses the required valid car registration and maintains the minimum coverage premium with ease, expect that there will be no troubles to occur. Other specific features that involve safety are air bag or cushioning and brakes with anti- lock mechanisms. Installing these safety features can facilitate better insurance rates without compromising its quality and features. If one lays a claim to being wise, mature and having fantastic driving histories and training records, then the above mentioned beneficial scenario is possible to have.

If you live in the outskirts of New York, then you will have a lower auto insurance policy rate unlike living within the said state which will dramatically increase it. One of the major reasons for it is that there is less traffic in the countryside. On the other hand, there are more towns and motorists in New York that leads to a higher risk of accident. Get a list of all reputed providers and get the best auto insurance quotes in New York by entering your zip code in the space above this website.

How to Get Car Insurance in New York

NewYorkNYAutoInsuranceA car would mean to you more than as something you can use for travelling without hassle. It is more of a friend, a living room and a dining room, all fit into one, as time needs it to be. When you are late for an important meeting, you even take your breakfast while driving. At times of emergency when you have to go out in the middle of the night or take your friends and family somewhere, the car is there to the rescue. But who will be there to cover in case of dire accident to happen? This is where you would need auto insurance in New York.It is your prized possession and you dare not let anybody harm it. If you don’t have auto insurance in New York as a regular driver, then you are not doing enough to get your car protected and you are missing out the most important requirement of owning a car.

Why would you need car insurance? Aside from suffering from penalties if you don’t have, in cases of car disaster while on the road, the amount of money for the damages you would have to pay for might be a nightmare for everyone. This is why it is always better to have a proper backup than to be in deep trouble.

There are numerous companies in New York which could offer you their car insurance with convenient rates you would feel comfortable paying for. It is always advisable to do a good research before you make the big decision. Gather information about the insurer you might want to deal with and know the terms and conditions of their policies. It is your right to be a meticulous as a consumer.

There is a quite number of ways you can do to reduce the cost for auto insurance premiums. To begin with, you must have your car with all the good parts it can offer. Good tires, good brakes and safety measures may add up and help you in getting a very low premium rate. More than this, you can enter your ZIP code in this website to get more information for free.

Car Insurance in New York for Pre-Owned Cars

Being a responsible New York citizen, it may be hard to own auto insurance policy but it is still necessary to be covered in case of accidents. Thus, if you have a pre-owned car or planning to have one, it is advisable to have car insurance in New York as soon as possible.

When you are in dilemma with choosing trustworthy insurance company, all it will require is a little time to make a good research over insurance companies’ websites to get different quotes. This will enable you to get the best quotes out of various companies. Car Insurance in New York can be less hassle to get as long as you abide by the rules and regulations of New York DMV.

Once you start planning the purchase of your first car, the first on the list to be remembered is to get it insured. If your car is of more value than the minimum liability coverage of New York State Insurance Policy, then you can choose from various insurance policies which are of higher prices but will surely provide you the optimum protection. It is best to get insurance within the state and approved by the New York DMV.

When you have a pre-owned car but haven’t done any acquisition of car insurance in New York before, no worries since the procedure of having an insurance policy is no more different than having a standard one. The only complication is if you had a car accident or any recorded traffic violation before owning car insurance, you won’t get the cost you barred for bodily injury and car damage.

New York is a no-fault state. Until the validity of your car registration, you should maintain the minimum liability coverage even if the car is not being used. There are also safety features such as embedded cushioning, seat belts, anti- lock brakes, additional restraints, airbags, and more that will always help you in getting cheap insurance policies. If you are matured and experienced enough in driving properly and have undergone training courses, you also can obtain insurance policies and premiums at low prices.

Since the city of New York is widely populated, accident rates have also increased to a huge extent. Vehicle drivers and passersby are just might be the causes for these fatal incident. The offender is liable for all the injuries and damages incurred. This is the moment insurance policies will serve its purpose. This will cover for the damages in case of accident or of the car was damaged or stolen.

In recent years, both accident and car theft rates have highly increased that encouraged the Automobile Department of New York to make the minimum liability coverage a compulsory requirement. It’s also a basic matter of protocol for you to pay for your premium diligently. Renew your car registration prior its expiration date or else it can lead to cancellation of the insurance and your license.

To get cheap insurance for your pre-owned car, decide what kind of coverage you would mostly need. If it is an old car, you can leave out the collision coverage from your policy. The type of coverage is provided in case your car is involved in an accident with another car without any injury or damage. It is mostly provided on the resale value of the car. If it is just a pre-owned car, the low amount on claiming your insurance might not even be as much as the repair cost of the car.

Provide your area zip code to get help with cooperating with the most effective insurance agents in your area. Compare various auto insurance quotes from different companies and decide which the cheapest insurance rate is for you.