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The Importance of Observing DWI and DUI Laws in NY

New York, one of the most populated states of USA is the main hub of traffic growth in America. With about 8.1 million people all over the city of New York thousands and thousands of vehicles, ply on the road every day and for which accident rates have increased. New York DMV has made it necessary for every citizen that whoever owns a vehicle has to insure his or her car with the minimum liability coverage available. Whether you are using the car or keeping it in the garage if you have car registration then you have to get auto insurance in New York.

There are certain rules and regulations by the New York state Department of Automobile to maintain to lessen crime and road accidents and help people to lead a decent life. In the city of New York, it is illegal to drive a car having blood alcohol content of 0.08% or above. Therefore, if any citizen or individual is caught driving a car while he or she is drunk then it can lead to serious harassment of the individual as this is all against the law.

DUI means driving under the influence. Punishments that are imposed on individuals convicted of a DUI offense related to drinking and driving are imprisonments in a state or country jail, ignitions interlock restrictions, house arrest, community service, suspensions of the driving licenses, confiscation of license plates, drug or alcohol screening, etc.

If you perform the following ill functions without maintaining the laws, then you will be charged with penalty for sure and can be confined in jail.

•             Travelling through two lanes, straddling along the line at the center

•             Taking a turn too widely and narrowly as well

•             Driving either extreme slowly and overly cautious

•             Almost attacking someone or hitting on something

•             Weaving from one side to another in road

•             Driving too near a vehicle in

•             Swerving to correct course of vehicle

•             Erratic braking

These are most seen done by the individuals who are drunk while driving. For the safety reasons of these careless drivers and other people, New York Department of Automobile has imposed some safety courses so that the number of crimes and accidents can be lessened and people become more cautious regarding all these matter. Moreover, if you follow the laws too you can also get your car insurance rates lowering down and premium rates will reduce at the same time.

Auto Insurance in New York is really simple and hassle free if you can perfectly obey the laws and fulfill the requirements because rash driving, drunk driving will give you financial trouble and your license and car registration number may also get cancelled for limited number of days. Choose the best insurance company and grab the best offer for insurance policies.

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