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What Are the New York DMV Regulations to Observe?

Road Accidents are Simply Unavoidable. No matter how carefully you drive or how meticulously you follow the traffic and driving safety rules, accidents are sometimes inevitable. It is, therefore, always advisable to prepare yourself for such a situation. In this article, we try to provide you with some basic rules and regulations regarding road accidents as lain down by the New York DMV.

The New York DMV Regulations Regarding Road Accidents

Drivers are often at a loss after being involved in an accident. Here are a few advices, which you can follow to help prevent yourself from landing up in a major legal problem.

•             If your car has an accident with another car, stop your vehicle immediately. Do not even change the position of your car unless it is necessary to do so to prevent a further damage to either of the vehicles involved or to any person/s.

•             In case of only vehicle damage, the drivers can mutually sort out the problem. You can exchange your contact details, license number, and insurance companies’ information.

•             If the accident entails damages worth $1001* or more, all involved parties are required to file a complaint or an accident report using Form MV-104 with the NY State DMV within 10 days from the day the accident occurs. An unreported accident within the stipulated time can cause you even a permanent cancellation of your driver’s license.

•             If a person is killed or injured, you should immediately contact the police. Do not leave the scene of the accident before the arrival of the police, as this will automatically result in the issue of an arrest warrant against you.

•             If you are involved in an accident or witness one on the road, do file a complaint with the police. Do not try to leave the location before the arrival of the police. You may leave only after the police grant you permission to do so.

•             Do not ignore the situation if you accidentally hit a vacant car or run over an unaccompanied domestic animal. Try to contact the owners. Alternatively, if you cannot find their details, report the incident to the police immediately.

The situations discussed above mainly cover minor accidents involving only vehicle damage or minor personal injuries ate the most. These are simpler cases that can be easily handled by meticulously following the norms of the DMV.

However, cases of road accidents often lead to much more complex situations than the ones stated above. Accidents that occur due to an intoxicated driver driving rashly or those, which leads to heavy personal losses or injuries (sometimes even death), are bound to be dragged to a legal court. During such situations, it is best to get legal assistance from a trusted personal injury attorney.

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