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New York DMV Tips for Securing the Coverage of Your Auto Insurance in NY

Some frequently asked questions about the auto insurance in New York are discussed below. Mainly the questions are being answered according to the data provided by the New York DMV.

Q.           What if I a receive letter from DMV stating that my auto insurance has failed?

Getting a letter from the NY Department of Motor Vehicle means that you have to renew or purchase car insurance. Read the letter carefully and answer immediately. DMV issues a letter to any person when their insurance company has sent them a notification that insurance coverage has ended and the person has not renewed it, neither does the DMV is notified from some other company. Read the material that is sent along the letter and follow the instruction carefully. In such case, if some problem arises, do not assume that your insurance company will help you because they are not liable to do so. Contact the company in case the problem is misguidedly handled.

Q.           What if I a receive letter from DMV stating that my auto insurance company failed to verify the coverage?

A.            This means that your insurance company has not registered your coverage with DMV by electronic means. In this case, contact your company and ask for filing up for the coverage. If DMV does not receive proper notifications about your coverage, it may suspend your registration, coverage as well as your driving license. Whenever you get any letter from DMV, take action immediately and carefully.

Q.           Why did I receive a suspension because of the invalid insurance proof?

A.            This happens when your auto insurance company reports that the proof of insurance given to DMV is invalid and in addition, you do not possess the liability coverage. If you have the coverage, contact your company and ask for filing up for a notification, electronically, to DMV. Email or paper proof is not acceptable by DMV. The agent or broker cannot file the notification, only the company can. If different company provides you with the insurance of your vehicle, then provide DMV with your insurance ID card and in addition ask your insurance company for filing up the electronic application for your coverage with DMV.

Q.           What would be the scenario if I failed in following these steps?

A.            It is recommended by the law and the insurance company not to drive an uninsured vehicle. It can result in fine, arrest, suspension of driving license or even in impoundment of vehicle. With every passing time, the charges will get bigger unless and until you pay off all the fines and register your car with the insurance company.

Q.           What is the right way of avoiding the registration suspension?

A.            This can be avoided by insuring your car as soon as possible and paying off all the fines. If your car insurance coverage lapse in almost 90 days, you might get a choice of paying the civil penalty rather than turning your license plate to DMV.

Above are the few queries about the auto insurance policies set by the New York DMV. If you want to get a free quote, then enter your ZIP at the top bar on the web page and enjoy the results.