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Seven Customs of Online Investigation for New York Insurance Companies

Evaluating the companies of car insurance in New York is not difficult. If you have a computer, you can easily find the deals in town, the company’s portfolio, what services they are providing, customer’s ratings and official sites ratings etc. the type of information you will be looking at depends on your insurance need. Below are several customs through which you can investigate the insurance company in New York.

1.            Check out your state insurance department

This should be the priority when you are searching for an insurance company. State insurance department regulates the industry, they can provide you with the details of NY auto insurance company from complaints to licensing information. State’s department of insurance website has all the details that are necessary for you to know. They have complaints ratio, insurance company’s request of different genre. Insurance market reports and enforcement actions can also be searched. In short, all the details regarding insurance companies in states pertain to be on their official site.

2.            Consult Standard & Poor’s ratings to gauge your insurer’s financial strength

Standard & Poor’s is a company that assesses the financial strength of insurance companies since 1971. It provides the insurance company ratings. It has reports and ratings of more than 3000 insurance companies functioning in approximately 70 countries. The ratings vary from AAA to BBB. AAA indicates the top position and BBB lowest. A company BB or below indicates that the company is having financial problems that are greater than its strength.

3.            Filling of lawsuit against the insurance company:

A visit to the website of “Public Access to Court Electronic Records” can also help you in selecting an insurance company. It helps in knowing of a particular company was filed in federal court. is operated by the Administrative Office of United States.

4.            Review customer satisfaction ratings

Online testimonials and customer’s reviews helps you in evaluating the position or services that the insurance company provides. Customer satisfaction is necessary, and it strengthens the company’s position. Recommendation by the existing customers and the way the company responds back to their valued customers. This increases the worth of the company and in attracting new customers.

5.            Look up the ‘rage sites’

Before relying on a specific site, ensure that it is not a rage site. Accuracy of such sites is mixed. Do a little research before accepting everything. You should be able to differentiate between the legitimate site and the real ones.

6.            Visit your state attorney general’s website

You should not overlook your state attorney general’s website.  As they have to stand for the elections, they frequently update their policies that can include the car insurance policies also. This can help you in sorting things out and making final decisions for the insurance company that best suits your will.

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