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Buying an Add-on for Underinsurance Motorist in Your Insurance Policy

New York auto insurance laws let you get through with the liability and the security damage of your motor vehicles in worst case scenarios. Under insurance motorist coverage provides you with the increase level of protection by its policy of paying coverage in cases with uninsured or under insured motorist hitting you. The claims can be raised when legal requirements are met. This policy does not provide with full compensation rather it provides amount according to the liability coverage of your insurance policy. This adds on was enacted to allow the insured party with the protection for them and their passengers at the time of accident. It is not obligatory to purchase this policy along with the insurance, but it is advised to buy this in order to protect you.

It can compensate bodily injuries up to the amount of SUM coverage purchased. The policy holder gets payment for the injuries sustained as a result of negligence of other under insured motorist or owner. Not only the insured gets the benefit of this add on policy but anyone named in this endorsement can be privileged to include relatives (resident of the state or not), and spouse. The court has summed the requirement for being able to get the benefits as that of policy holder.


Under the law, the insurance company must offer the following benefits to the person purchasing this add on:

1.            Liability insurance policy with limits up to $250,000 per person linked with the accident.

2.            Motor vehicle liability insurance policy combined limit of $500,000 per accident. There are no minimum limits, insurance agents have a law through which they provide the client with coverage limit and also inform client in case of inability.

The insurance company issue SUM coverage either by including under insured motorists as uninsured motorists or by separate endorsements for both. In the former scenario, the person can purchase under insured coverage by purchasing uninsured coverage. It’s an issue in New York regarding SUM coverage, whether the person should purchase such coverage or not. When taken independently, they are considered as separate form of coverage. Not much litigation has ensued regarding this issue. It is therefore legislated that the vehicles that are claimed as under insured should be compared with the under insured motorist coverage and should not be compared to other vehicles. Regulation 35-D allows person to claim for SUM coverage as long as at least one of the insured vehicle has its policy limits. Vehicles that do not have the insurance policy are not legally liable for coverage and the person will not have liability for bodily injuries.

Different clauses of the law enable you to overcome the damage in case of an accident. On the internet, almost every auto insurance company in New York has maintained a virtual home to get to the residents of New York with their policies and packages. Enter the ZIP at the top of the website and get free quotes.

The Laws of Auto Insurance in NY for Rental Cars and Collision Cases

New York auto insurance laws are assembled to cover all the expected scenarios of mishap and accidents in the auto history of any person residing within the state. Among the different clauses of law for auto insurance lays the collision damage and rental vehicle security laws. According to it, the law prohibits a rental car company from selling Collision Damage Waivers in states on rent for 30 days or less. The rental company in any case is not liable to charge renters for loss more than $100. The recent changes in the vehicle insurance law permit the renter to purchase a Collision Damage Waivers; this allows them to get the vehicle protection and with the vehicle Renter Company to charge its renters for any damage, small or large done to the rented vehicles.

This helps them in compensating the loss of damage done to the vehicle.

a.            Whenever a vehicle encounters any collision or damage by the renter, it is the duty of renter/insured to provide the collision coverage for the repairs needed for that specific place. The insurance company will not in any case pay for the damage.

b.            In a process where the insured request the insurer for the repair that solely involves damages other than window breakage etc., the insurer can provide the coverage in particular place.

It is the duty of insurer to provide you with all the needed information of insurance policy, coverage criteria, premium, and etc. Rental vehicle coverage depends on the number of vehicles insured. If you have six vehicles under one rental policy, you will not get the coverage for all of them. It is applicable for policies that have less than five automobiles insured with it. If the liability coverage has $10,000 limit and the damage to your vehicle has exceeded this, in such case you will not be able to get the coverage.
If you have New York State motor vehicle liability policy; vehicle coverage cannot be availed through credit card insurance policy. If you do not have NYS liability policy, then you can benefit from the insurance policy provided with the credit card if you have rented the automobile through it. This you can check from the summary of the benefits that are given with the credit card.

The vehicle rental company offers collision damage waivers to the renters. This provides them with daily rates of $9 to $12, depending on the type of vehicle. The company must also guide renters about the insurance policy and the credit card insurance through which the renters can avail vehicle coverage policy in case of damage or collision.

In addition, rental vehicle coverage should not be confused with rental reimbursement/ transportation reimbursement/ extended transportation coverage. Rental reimbursement is optional coverage policy that provides coverage in case your own vehicle is damaged until it is repaired. It is also provided in case of theft or other major loss.

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