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Third Phase of DWI/DUI Offense & Penalties Affecting the Car Insurance in New York

AutoInsuranceInNewYorkNYCar insurance in New York State is legal to get, and it is a felony if you do not register your car and state the auto insurance. Many different laws are being established to avoid traffic mishaps and to overcome the losses. After the first and second time offenses of DWI/DUI in New York, the third time charges are very serious and effective. DUI laws are every strict in New York, conviction for DUI offense for two times is left, but for the third time can have devastating impacts. The effects may include mandatory jail time that can be as long as five years, fines up to $15,000 or more, and right to drive may be terminated permanently, and the vehicle may be seized or sold. DWI is generally referred to driving while intoxicated or impaired due to the use of alcohol or drugs. Blood alcohol concentration above 0.08 is reflected as intoxicated, and serious penalties are given to the impaired driver. There are different set of penalties for DUI and these are:

 Administrative Penalties

The particular penalties are applicable if the driver is found for the third time in such condition. The fine in this case ranges between 2,000 to 10,000 thousand dollars fine. In addition, the driving license can also be cancelled for almost a year. Other charges include charges of conviction, costs of court and work for getting the license back. Yearly charges can also be added to the cost.

Criminal Penalties

The criminal penalties for third time offenders of DWI include long-term jail time. Jail sentence can be as long as seven years if convicted for DUI or the third time. The criminal charges are given as an addition to administrative penalties and fines.

Period of Look-back

The State of New York takes 10 years as look-back period in which they determine offense sentencing if happened for second or third time. The charges are huge with the third occurrence happening within 5 years of 2nd conviction. In such case the administrative and criminal charges are highest even if there is no accident. The impaired driver is convicted and penalized.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor Crime

The first DUI charge is considered as a misdemeanor by the New York state law, providing that there are no serious injuries, deaths, and property loss. While the second and third DWI offense are considered as Class D felony offense, and in that case the impaired driver is convicted.
The criminal is allowed to plead. In this case, the matter goes to the court, where information provided by the criminal’s attorney can lead to reduced charges. Plea option is less likely in the third felony attempt rather than the first two convictions. Hiring an attorney can help them in getting legal advises and information about the trail and pleading process.

Car insurance in New York is an easy way out if you are a common driver with a clean record. With slight mistakes, you can survive the driving of any motor vehicle in the state. Nevertheless, in the case of high convictions like DUI/ DWI offences, you have to take special care of not getting into one within the mentioned time period. If you are careless enough to get into repetitive convictions, the penalties will take your vehicle license away with fine and sentence. Many insurance companies provide different clauses for the drivers to remain safe. If you want to get the free quote, insert your ZIP on the top of the website, and get the quote.