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New York DMV Answers Commonly Asked Questions about Auto Liability Insurance

AutoInsuranceInNewYorkCompaniesCar insurance in New York is not quite a simple activity. Many clauses of the insurance laws set by New York DMV with the assistance of court result in the rising of queries about different scenarios. Below is the discussion about some of the queries about car insurance in New York State.

Q.           Why do I need liability insurance for my car, truck, or motorcycle?

A.            The State of New York law states that any car registered within the state, driven on road or highway by you or someone else must have insurance. Vehicles registered in some other part outside the State of New York and are operated in New York must confirm with the financial responsibility law of New York. The insurance is necessary because it protects you and others from accidents and compensate in case of damage and loss.

•             The motor vehicle has to be insured whether it is for storage or for driving, unless the vehicle is a motorcycle.

•             Your vehicle’s registration and insurance must be under exact name & address. Also, carry your ID card with you when you drive your vehicle.

•             The auto insurance coverage must be received from the insurance company that has the license by Dept. of Financial Services NYS.

At the time when you become successful in insuring your vehicle, do not forget to ask your company to file an electronic application for your coverage with New York DMV. You will be given an insurance ID card by your insurance company to get your vehicle registered with DMV. Your insurance ID card does not give the proof of your coverage. Both the paper and electronic proves are required by the state law.

Q.           What happens if my vehicle does not have liability coverage?

A.            It is the duty of your insurance company to notify DMV for your liability coverage insurance and its expiry. In case you have changed the company, your previous company has to send a notification to DMV informing them that you are no longer associated with them. If your company does not properly notify DMV, your vehicle registration will be suspended and license can be suspended too. The notification must be electronic, while paper proof is unaccepted.

Q.           How would driving without insurance affect my driver’s license?

A.            Driving without car insurance is strictly unacceptable according to the state law. This can result in suspension or revoking of your vehicle and driving license for at least a year. Apart from revoking of vehicle, DMV can also fine $1,500 for driving with no insurance liability coverage. You will have to respond DMV with additional $750 for civil penalty in order to have your license after revocation.

Q.           How do I avoid the particular problem?

A.            By buying car insurance for your vehicle, you can get rid of problems. Remember that if your vehicle is not insured the DMV will take in your plates and that means you cannot drive your car. Get a valid auto insurance coverage and make sure that DMV has your updated address, so in case of issues or problems, you could be immediately located and contacted. Motorcycle plates do not have to be capitulated to DMV in case of the liability insurance failure. However, it is not legal to ride a motorcycle without suitable liability insurance.

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