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How Does New York DMV Affect Your Car Insurance Policy?

Driving a car in the most elegant state of North America is not that easy. Strict laws and automobile coverage plans are prevalent. In order to drive a car on the streets of the state, possessing just a car without protection does no good. A car without an insurance policy is analogous to a ship without a rudder. An insurance policy following the state guidelines is demanded for all the drivers of New York, the strict state. The New York DMV demands the proof of your vehicle’s insurance. If you lack one or fail to provide one (rather two, one in paper and the other in electronic) then it’s high time you start thinking of other alternatives for travelling since, driving a car no longer is going to be an option.

It will be worth mentioning here that New York is a no fault state, meaning, your insurance giver will look after all the damages caused even if, the accident was not your fault. Whose fault culminated into an accident plays no role in the state, rather the damages caused and the means to combat the situations play the vital role.

The minimum coverage amounts as proposed by the DMV New York state are:

  • Uninsured motorist and bodily injuries require an amount of $25,000* per person, $50,000* per to $100,000* if any one died or were injured in the accident.
  • $10,000* is for property damages caused due to an accident.

Cars having insurances approved by a different state authority cannot run the streets of New York as only the cars approved by the New York State Insurance Department are gifted with this opportunity.

The department of Insurance Information and Enforcement System is set up by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles in order to discern cars without insurance. Insurance companies are told to inform the department about all the renewal and cancellation cases they take up. Again if any new insurance is done by a car that should also be informed to the department. In short, the department keeps a list of all the cars getting insurance, undergoing a renewal or a cancellation due to some reason or the other. Notices from the DMV department of NY  should always be taken seriously or else, you might have to pay a costly amount!

Rental cars even need to go through a coverage programme as they too need to meet coverage, if faced by an accident or a mishap. Collision Damage Waiver is such programme in order to meet coverage. CDW is provided by the rent givers. The renters are supposed to take it, if not taken and the car is meet with an accident or is sold or faced any other mishap then the renter is liable to pay the entire price of the car faced the misfortune.

The New York DMV requires a valid insurance. You can easily get one exclusively for you at this very sec. What you need to do is, just entire your zip code in the space provided and explore the best deals free.