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NY Low Cost Auto Insurance’s Minimum Liability Coverage

New York City is one of the most populated states in USA and can be called as the major hub for traffic over the past few years. Every year fatal accidents have been resulting due to alcohol or drug consumption while driving. Thus, New York DMV has made it compulsory for each citizen that owns a vehicle has to insure their car even with a minimum coverage for liability available. As long as it has been registered, whether you are using the car or keeping it in the garage, then you need to have it insured.

If you plan to buy a car, you have to at least get the minimum liability coverage for your car from an authorized insurance company. If you think NY low cost auto insurance with minimum liability coverage of the state is not enough, there are other high priced offers with better coverage. Before buying insurance policies from an agency, you have to make sure that they deal in within the city only and approved by the New York DMV.

Do a thorough online research and get a list of well authorized insurance agents around your area. You can also consult your friends and relatives who have done car insurance before to get cheap car insurance in New York already tested by customer you know. You can visit the websites of potential insurance companies to get a free quote and make a comparison to see which one will fit your needs and budget.

The minimum liability coverage scheduled by New York State is as follows:

$25,000/50,000 for injury to one person

$50,000/100,000 for death or injury to all the people involved in the accident

$10,000 for property damage caused

New York insurance rates vary based on your area since the cost for policy and premium are higher if it is within the city that if you are in the outskirts or countryside. More vehicles ply in the city than on the suburban areas. It’s always better to have your vehicle insurance policy to be prepared in case of accidents and car damages.

As long your car registration is still valid, you must maintain the minimum liability coverage even if the vehicle is not in use. Safety features for your vehicle like seat belts, embedded cushioning, additional restraints, anti-lock brakes, airbags, and more can help you get insurance policies at cheaper rates.

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